All New titles from Personal Sketchbooks
Due to popular demand, especially in the gift category, we have increased our output of personalised 500-page sketchbooks.
  Most of these new titles have been personal requests, though we are occasionally releasing common names to broaden our scope. Please let us know if there is a name you would like to see in our collection. There are just so many names in the world, sometimes it is hard to decide which to do next!
  The easiest way to introduce a new name to the Sketchbook line-up is shooting an email to:

Check out the full collection line-up on Amazon:
US Amazon List

UK Amazon List

Check out the NEW poster for Sketchbooks:

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STBR - Save The Black Eastern Rhino

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With less than a thousand still in existence, the Black Eastern rhinoceros needs our help more than ever.

This is Pembe.

One of many just like him, Pembe faces the constant threat of poachers.

Help Pembe overcome threats to his life and habitat.

End man-made extinctions.
STBR - Save The Black Eastern Rhino
©2015 Save The Black Eastern Rhino, St. Ber

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Devoted to caring for your pets.
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Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! We look forward to including you and your pets in our pet care family.

This is a little bit about us and our services...
We Care For Your Pets
In Long Beach, Orange County, and the South Bay, whether you need someone to care for your furry friends while you’re on vacation, take them for a walk (and some cuddles!) while you’re at work, or even help you train them to be a better member of the family, the LiveLove Pet Care family is up for the job.
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Life. Love. Pets.
We offer a comprehensive list of services to aid with a happy and healthy life for your little one: Pet sitting, dog walking, obedience and behavioral training, simple grooming, dog socialization and play dates, medications and vet visit transportation for special needs pets.
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The Live Love
Animal Rescue
Looking to adopt? Love Live Pet Care supports Live Love Animal Rescue, one of the leading foster networks in the Long Beach area. Check out our latest rescues, get contact info for our foster pet parents, and see how the whole family is getting along!
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Excited to join the family?
We're excited to meet you! Live Love Pet Care is more than happy to meet the needs of your pet. Let us know how we can help and we'll set up a meeting and appointment, so you can have access to our comprehensive service list.
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Follow our Upcoming Events
Follow Live Love Pet Care on Facebook for all the events we are attending, along with all the Adoption Events being held by Live Love Animal Rescue. Also, get more details if you would like to volunteer at one of our events!
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The Farmer's Market

Hay now! We’ve been BUZZing setting up early for the start of spring with a FRESH new farm-chic Farmers Market look in-stores. We are showcasing fun and tasty products like our new PLAY and Planet Dog fruits and veggies toys, barnyard buddies tough-toys, quality USA-sourced/made jerky by Wild Meadoarms, and more!

We believe ‘fresh IS best’ for us and our pets. Pet nutrition is our passion and plays a huge role in the health and wellness of your animals. Get to know more about how your pets’ food and treats are made. Ask our Pet Experts for some recommendations on healthy additions or alternatives to what you are currently feeding.

Have you seen our new Training Lab Approved treats by Fresh is Best and Wild Meadow Farms? Dog-tested and Trainer-approved for palatability, quality, and training-treat functionality.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and join us for our monthly Mutt Mingles in all locations for a special, themed social featuring fresh bites (for you and your pooch) and juicy cocktails, and farm-fun.

Mutt Mingles - Farmers Market
Downtown Long Beach | Wed Mar 18 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Belmont Shore | Thurs Mar 19 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Downtown Los Angeles | Tues Mar 24 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Beverly Hills | Thurs Mar 26 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Our Bev Hills location offers a fun party room and is specially designed for off-leash play!

New Adoption Partners

Please welcome two new adoption partners that will be providing ongoing Adoption Days in DTLA and Belmont! Check out our Adoptions Events page for scheduled dates.

Did you know Pussy and Pooch donates $25 of free food for each adoption? To help your little one get started on the right path to health and wellness, Pussy and Pooch is gifting every new adopter a bag of HEALTHY food (your choice up to $25 per adoption)! We are also happy to provide you with a complete guided list of all the essentials you will need to welcome home your new pooch.

Live Love Animal Rescue

Belmont Shore – Sundays, occurring fortnightly: Live Love Rescue - founded to provide every animal we encounter with the utmost respect love and care. We rescue pets from any situation necessary and commit to them for their entire lives. We leave no family members behind, we always help the under dogs. We LIVE to LOVE animals!

Love That Dog Hollywood

DTLA - Sundays: Love that Dog Hollywood - the animal rescue part of The Daddio Collective, “a heart-centered, service-oriented organization working to mentor children, rescue animals and help communities in need." A NKLA Coalition partner, Love that Dog Hollywood rescues, rehabilitates and helps find homes for animals who end up in our city’s shelters. Through The Daddio Collective, they create outreach and educational programs, mentor kids ages nine to seventeen, and share the unconditional love of animals with people everywhere.

Wellness Services

We just added days of service in our Wellness Spa in Beverly Hills, now Wednesdays and Fridays!

Dr. Oxford - every Wednesday
Dr. Voulgaris - every Friday

Call to book your appointment or to speak with our services team for more info. (310) 221-8644

The Wellness Spa specializes in an integrated whole body approach to pet wellness. Treatments encompass all three facets (Mind Body Spirit) to nourish the whole animal, optimizing your dog or cats overall health, longevity, and quality of life. Categories of services include Core Wellness, Core Therapeutic and General Wellness, all looking at whole animal and evaluating accordingly with each visit.

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